Security Alarm Systems

Why should I have a security alarm system?    Keller Alarm Company

Having a security alarm system may decrease the chances of a burglary. 

An alarm system will give you peace of mind. You won't have to jump If you hear a noise at night and your alarm is set.

A burglar will almost always run away if they trip an alarm system.

Without an alarm system a burglar has time to thoroughly examine and remove all your possessions.

Set your alarm while your at home to help prevent a home invasion or robbery situation.

What Should a Security Alarm System Include?

Most systems rely on a combination of contacts placed at doors and windows and motion sensors.

It is best that all exterior potential points of entry have contacts that sense when they are open. Glass break sensors are also available and recommended.

Motion sensors should not be used as the primary means of detection because they do not detect someone until they are already in the house..

The basic elements of a standard home security system include:

Additional items that can be added to the basic system are:


Monitored systems typically work as follows:

  1. The security system senses something.
  2. The security system waits 30 to 45 seconds to give the owner a chance to deactivate the system to prevent false alarms.
  3. If the alarm is not deactivated the security system sends a message to the monitoring company.
  4. The monitoring company receives the message and verifies the alarm, generally by placing a phone call to the home. If they do not receive the proper password or do not receive an answer, they call the police.
  5. The police respond.
  6. Unmonitored systems are not recommended.

How to choose an alarm company

Choosing an alarm company can be confusing and the technology complicated. Here are some suggestions: